dear messy-bun mom at chick-fil-a

Dear Messy-bun Mom at Chick-fil-a,

You know how people a little older than you, a few steps ahead in life, look really cool?

How when you were in 3rd grade the 5th graders looked awesome, and when you were in high school, the college kids looked awesome?

Hear this: my pre-mom self thinks you’re awesome.

With the ketchup on your lap and the crying toddler squirming in the chair because you won’t give her the ice cream first or because she refuses to eat anything besides globs of sauce and I see you take a deep breath and close your eyes and eat a fry….

Gosh. I think you’re so cool.


Wearing your workout clothes and no makeup (or yesterday’s makeup) because showers aren’t as readily available with the pitter-patter of little feet

You are literally gorgeous, with traces of “mama” all over you. Seriously. 

When it’s raining outside and so you brought your little to the play area at Chick-fil-a just to get. out. of. the. house

You’re brave. Littles aren’t easy to transport. I was a first-grade teacher. I know. And you didn’t have to leave the house. But you did. You’re brave.

When you wipe you’re little’s sticky face when she’s done eating, when you talk about going to the potty, when you sigh and attempt to explain why we don’t throw food on the floor even though we’re all done,

You’re the hands and feet of Jesus. You’re valuable. You’re irreplaceable. You’re doing good work that no one else could do but you. I want to be like you someday.

When you think you would really love some adult interaction right about now…

That makes total sense. You’re selfless.

When it reaches the end of the day and you’ve done two loads of laundry and attempted to clean the house while keeping the little humans alive and happy, but somehow the house is even messier than before because you spent fun time playing with the littles…

Jesus sees you. He’s so proud of you. He knows the importance of little children, too.

And I see all of you gorgeous messy-bun moms at Chick-fil-a all the time. And I mean this: I want to be like you someday.

Because you’re literally awesome.

So keep on going!

And don’t forget to order yourself extra waffle fries.


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